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28 April 2015

Transformation Tuesday Playlist

Today we’re providing you with some motivational music to get you through the week.
If you haven’t already noticed, we’re stepping up our playlist game. As we did last week with a 4/20 and WCW playlist, we’ll be providing you with two playlists each week, each with a different theme. On top of this you’re getting our Staff Picks weekly.Today we’re doing Transformation Tuesday. Although Monday may be the saddest day of the week, Tuesday is also up there. You’re that much farther away from the weekend that just passed, and not much closer to the impending Friday. Tuesdays suck. If you need that extra push to make it through today or the week in general, or maybe you just need some motivation, then give this playlist a listen.We curated positive-thinking songs, a few old and a few new, from Ty Dolla $ign, J. Cole, G-Eazy, Rockie Freshand more.