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14 April 2015

Tracklist & Cover Art Revealed For The-Dream’s “Jewel” EP

“Jewel” EP is now available for pre-orders on iTunes.


Along with the release of his Crown EP, The Dream decided to make his Jewel EP available for pre-orders on iTunes tonight as well.With that said, fans can now check out the official tracklisting and cover art for the upcoming project. With no features, Jewel will host 9 more additional tracks and be available for fans on July 10th. For those of you who take advantage of the early pre-order will receive the Crown EP as a free download.Check out the tracklist below, and peep the cover art in the gallery above.


1. “Black Magic”
2. “Love Me Back”
3. “First Time In Paris”
4. “Boat”
5. “Cover Girl”
6. “I Love You”
7. “Butter”
8. “Transparent”
9. “Royalty” (Bonus)