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14 March 2015

Tony Yayo Reveals Eminem’s Most Annoying Habit

The G-Unit affiliate also reveals he’s working on a new mixtape.

Tony Yayo recently stopped by First We Feast’s “Hot One’s” show to answer questions and take part in a hot wing challenge.

During the five-minute episode, Yayo says Bobby Shmurda’s infamous shmoney dance is better than his own dance and several others.

“For right now, it’s above the Yayo dance,” he says. “Yayo dance is #2.”

When it comes to Eminem’s most annoying habit, Yayo says it’s his Taco Bell addiction.

“Every time, we’re around Em and we’re backstage, there’s Taco Bell everywhere,” Yayo says, as he eats a spicy chicken wing. “Shout out to Taco Bell. Sometimes you want something a little different.”

Although Yayo doesn’t finish the wing challenge, he’s still able to promote G-Unit’s latest mixtape, The Beast Is G-Unit, and several other upcoming endeavors. The G-Unit affiliate also reveals he’s working on a new mixtape that he says is “coming soon.”