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25 April 2015

Tidal Executive Vania Schlogel Discusses Company’s Strategy

Tidal now offers the Tidal Rising and Tidal X updates.
Senior Tidal executive Vania Schlogel explained how the company’s streaming services can change the status quo during an interview with AllHipHop.
“In order for us to succeed, we don’t need to steal subscribers from other platforms,” Schlogel says.
Tidal now offers Tidal Rising, an effort to give indie and emerging artists some shine.
Tidal is also rolling out Tidal X, a series of exclusive artist-fan events to take place throughout the world.
The first “VIP entertainment experience” they’re offering will be an intimate show with J. Cole. The fan that listened to the most J. Cole music between April 11-April 20 will be invited to the event.
Aspiro’s CEO, Andy Chen, as well as 25 other “redundancies” were recently fired. Aspiro is Tidal’s parent company.
Tidal is no longer a top 700 app for iPhone.
Several artists, including Mumford & Sons, Lily Allen, Death Cab for Cutie, have spoken out against the organization.