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09 April 2015

“The Mixtape About Nothing” Vs. “More About Nothing” Vs. “The Album About Nothing”

The best “Project About Nothing,” according to the fans.

Wale’s Projects About Nothing demonstrated his love for Seinfeld mixed in with a healthy dose of alternative hip hop. The Mixtape About Nothing kicked off the love affair with 19 tracks, mostly containing Best Kept Secret production, but the tape also had some music from The Roots, J Dilla, Lil Wayne, and The Budos Band for healthy measure.More About Nothing expanded upon the idea, and was possibly a little more focused in its delivery. Wale had a little hype to his name, but it was still before he signed to Rick Ross and MMG. He had something to prove; Wale was hungry.
Finally, Wale just recently released the awaited The Album About Nothing. He’s now a star, with #1 albums, hit singles, and a Grammy nomination under his belt. He hung out with Jerry Seinfeld during the recording of the album for crying out loud. A lot has changed for Wale in the past 7 years, but we want to know where the albums rank up to you, the fans. We’ve also demonstrated some of the most obvious differences between the projects, so take a peak at those, then give your favorite project a vote. Let’s see what the best “About Nothing” project is.\