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15 April 2015

The-Dream Is Starting A New Label With Jay Z

The-Dream and Jay Z are starting an “art label” together.
After no album last year, The-Dream is busier than ever in 2015. He just released his Crown EP, and he has a follow up EP, Jewel, planned for this summer. He’s also been collaborating, in a few different ways, with Jay Z, whose Roc Nation management company The-Dream is signed to.In an interview with XXL, The-Dream announced that he and longtime collaborator Tricky Stewart are, with help from Hov, launching an “art label” called Contra Paris. The label isn’t limited to music; its focus is “art overall, period.” His plan is to bring the scene back to the 80s, when the art and music worlds were more closely intertwined: “We’ve got these young guys who can be Basquiat with great gifts and I want to couple my music with them and make sure that their shit is being seen because I think that’s what was so great in the 80s.”The next question on our minds: Can we expect any music between Hov and the Love King? Unfortunately, he wouldn’t bite–“I cannot tell you”–but he says the two hit the studio on the regular. Something special might be on the way.