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03 April 2015

The-Dream Announces New Release Date For “Crown” EP

The-Dream’s “Crown” EP is just a couple weeks from arriving.

It looks like fans of The-Dream will have to wait just a little but longer to hear his Crown EP.Taking to his IG Thursday night, Terius announced that his Crown EP will now be arriving on April 14th, instead of its original March 31st release date (obviously). Serving as a prelude to his Jewel EP (which drops June 9th),Crown is currently being led by the singles “Fruition” and the T.I.-featured “That’s My Shit.” “Crown is more modern R&B, and Jewel will be more what you might think of as my songwriter side, the songs I might have given to other artists before. If you put me in a box, Jewel is more what you get when that box is open. But I’m not limited by any box I’ve been put in, every year I’m expanding and growing, and it makes for a more interesting plot.” – The Dream told Vibe recently