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09 April 2015

Tech N9ne Discusses Jay Z, TIDAL & “Special Effects” Album

Tech N9ne also admit to not knowing what TIDAL is.


Tech N9ne stopped by Power 105.1 The Breakfast ClubTuesday (April 7) to talk about a variety of topics, including his forthcoming album, Special Effects; his independent grind; and Jay Z.


When Angela Yee tells Tech she’s been hearing him callSpecial Effects his best project to date, the Kansas City, Missouri rapper says, “Yes, I know for a fact [it is].”


“Everybody else is going to know after May 4,” Tech says. “Not just because all of the collaborations, the music is bigger, the concepts. My mom just passed away June 6 from lupus. Everybody is asking me what my inspiration is. I dedicated the entire album to her. Everything I always wanted I got after she passed.”


Special Effects is set to include features from artists from several genres of music: EDM, Hip Hop and Metal.


While he revealed last week that Eminem will be on the album, during his Breakfast Club interview he dodged questions concerning that specific collaboration. But, he did mention that he attempted to get Jay Z on the album.


“I sent him a track for this new album and they said he wasn’t doing music at this time,” Tech N9ne says. “Okay, I’ll get you next time bruh bruh, what I sent him was hardcore.”


He also said he did not know what TIDAL is. Once Charlamagne Tha God explains the music streaming service to him, Tech says, “If Jay Z is doing something to better what artists get paid, then I’m all the way for it.”


Check out the full interview below: