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24 March 2015

T.I. Unveils Title For Next Album

“This next one is going to be called “Traps Open,” T.I. says.

During an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987, T.I. revealed the title of his next album.

Besides promoting his new film, Get Hard – starring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell – T.I. answered questions concerning his music and a trilogy of albums he has mentioned in the past.

“The first installment,[Paperwork] The Motion Picture, was supposed to be cinematic. It was supposed to be nostalgic,” he says during the brief visual.

“This next one is going to be unapologetically gangsta” and it’s called Traps Open.”

T.I. also added that the album will consist of “trap music.”

In  November 2014, the Atlanta-bred artist told HipHopDX exclusively two different titles for the second and third album within his trilogy.

Just before his CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson, Tip told DX: “The next project is Paperwork: The Return. And for all intents and purposes you could say it’s the return of Trap Muzik,” he said at the time.  “The following is called Paperwork: Love and Liability. Let’s just say that’s everything that the story of ‘boy meets girl’ entails from beginning to end for a gangster, a street nigga.”

Tip has evidently changed his mind since then and has dubbed his next album Traps Open.

As of now, there are no features and he did not reveal a release date. T.I.’s latest movie,Get Hard, is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, March 27.

Watch the brief interview below: