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18 May 2015

Stream Trey Songz’s “Intermission I & II”

Trey Songz surprise-releases the second half of his “Intermission” project.


Last month, we woke up one morning surprised to find a new, unannouncedTrey Songz project on Spotify, and today, he’s done it again. Adding to the Intermission EP, Mr. Steal Your Girl has given us a part two today, which adds six brand-new tracks to the existing six on the first edition.
The only feature on Intermission I & II comes from Pusha T on the highlight, “How Could You Forget,” which seems to be getting quite a bit of love from fans thus far. Elsewhere, Trey’s left to do things on his own, which is honestly when he’s usually at his best.


You can buy the whole 12 song release on iTunes now, and stream it below via Spotify. Let us know if you’re feeling Intermission I & II.