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13 October 2016

Spotify is the New Discovery Channel for Music


A year into its existence, Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” feature has grown in numbers to 40 millions users streaming close to 5 billions songs. Looking at Spotify’s success, what is the secret behind Spotify’s barrage of this feature? The concept is as simple and straightforward as they come: Every Monday, Spotify curates a 30 track playlist for its users (Premium and Non-premium), highlighting established and on-the-rise artists, based on the user’s taste and  listening habits of other playlists.


Since it’s debut in July 2015, the “Discover Weekly” has become the focal point of what Spotify has to offer in terms of its streaming features. A huge shift in personalization was noticeable across all music streaming services. Users wanted to tailor music to what caters to them.


“In June, over 8,000 artists had more than half of their streams that month come from Discover Weekly alone.” says Edward Newett, Discover Weekly’s New York based product owner. Pulling different artists from around the world onto Spotify’s editorial playlists give listeners variety in music and a chance to discover new sound. From rags to possible riches, Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist, has become one of the music industry’s threshold for breakout artists. Music marketing agency MusicPromoToday could attest to this. They handle marketing services to many indie artists and the numbers are evident. Getting your music onto a Spotify playlist has its long term benefits such as a new listeners and recognition.


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Spotify users were clearly benefiting from this feature. Half would stream at leasts 10 songs from their personalized playlist and more than half would come back the following week to see what new music was being featured. Discover Weekly has become to some a “personal music assistant” by not having to go searching far and wide for new music. Instead it is right at the palm of your hand, updated weekly with fresh new music.