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24 March 2015

Sign Language: 5 Songs You Didn’t Know Ty Dolla $ign Wrote

Five artists who let Ty put the Dolla $ign in it.

Ty Dolla $ign’s ascent to hook master and forefather of RnBass has been a gradual one, to the point that the first time hearing him on record could vary drastically from person to person. The truth is, you could have been hearing Ty’s voice and not have even known it, his writing voice that is.Ty’s father, Tyrone Griffin Sr., was a session musician throughout the 90s, appearing in the fine print of many Death Row recordings for his trumpet playing, and Ty Jr. is certainly following in his footsteps. As is the standard in L.A., Dolla $ign is constantly collaborating in the studio, and while many of his contributions haven’t been documented as well as they could have (mainly due to the lack of credits on mixtape cuts), Ty has found himself in the liner notes of a few notable hits.

Today, we’re looking at five of his biggest looks. Some you may know, while others may surprise you. Either way, it’s safe to say that this is only beginning of the many hits the singer will be involved in, and now his name is in the large print.