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29 April 2015

Rihanna Stars In First Ad Campaign For Puma

Rihanna stars in her very first Puma ad since being named creative director for the brand.


Moreso than ever, brands are looking for ambassadors that have a large reach on social media, and if you’re looking for Instagram followings, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Rihanna.RiRi was named creative director of the clothing brand last year, but hadn’t actually appeared in an official advertisement for the company until today. Decked out in all Puma everything, from her visor to her shoes, Rihanna should help Puma in its quest to compete in the recent resurgence of athletic leisure gear.Puma tweeted out the image this morning, introducing a brand new shoe in the process. You can have a look at what is the first in what will surely be countless adds featuring the singer over the next year.Meanwhile we’re still waiting for R8 to surface.Embedded image permalink


Embedded image permalink