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08 April 2015

P. Reign Returns To The US After 12 Years

“I pinched myself 50x in the first four hours that I landed in L.A. just to make sure it was real,” P. Reign says.

For the first time in 12 years, P. Reign is in the United States of America.


The Toronto-bred rapper-songwriter was prohibited from entering the states due to weapons charges he faced in Canada.


Reign recently hopped on a flight to Los Angeles soon after he was free to leave Toronto.“This shit is jaw dropping, inspiring, and unbelievable,”Reign says in an e-mail exchange with RapRadar.


“I pinched myself 50x in the first four hours that I landed in L.A. just to make sure it was real,” he wrote. “I haven’t been here in 12 years.”


Within the span of the last five years, Reign has risen in the Hip Hop ranks with three mixtapes and one EP. He’s also teamed up with Drake on tracks like “D&F” and toured with him in 2010 on Drake’s first solo tour, “The Home Away From Home Tour.”


In 2008, Reign was charged with nine counts of weapons possession charges after police reportedly found three loaded handguns in the backseat of his vehicle. Three years later, Reign was acquitted of all charges.


“I just want to get across that border. My No. 1 dream is to make not only the city proud but this country proud,” he said in an interview with the Toronto Star newspaper at the time.


Since Reign landed in L.A., he’s already been in the studio with Drake and Game.


Read P. Reigns thoughts on returning to America, courtesy of RapRadar, below:

Man. This shit is in jaw dropping, inspiring, and unbelievable. I pinched myself 50x in the first four hours that I landed in L.A. just to make sure it was real.


I haven’t been here in 12 years. It’s been the one road block in totally pursuing my dreams and it’s exciting and humbling to finally be here. I’m happy that my fans are able to take this journey with me and that I finally have no more excuses and a real shot at going for what I’ve always dreamed about.


I used to wake up in cold sweats, literally nightmares that I was in America and wake up pissed that it wasn’t real. It’s all still so surreal but I’m just ready to represent where I’m from and pursue my passion and make my niggas proud.


I’m in the studio right now with Drake and The Game just soaking it all in. Just happy to be here. I hope America appreciates me as much as I appreciate them.