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03 April 2015

Pharrell Working On Missy Elliott’s Album

“Shout out to Virginia,” Pharrell says.

In late February, an image of Pharrell Williams in the studio with Missy Elliott surfaced online.

Missy shared the black-and-white photo of the two Virginia natives on Twitter with a caption that read: “VA! 2 up 2 down! Me & my fam @Pharrell hard at work.”

During a visit to the Tonight Show on yesterday (April 1), Pharrell told Jimmy Fallon that the two are indeed working on new music together.

After listing a handful of artists – Chris Cab, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg – he’s been working with recently, Pharrell name-dropped Missy.

“Shout out to Virginia,” he said, before listing Missy’s name.

The reveal drew cheers from the crowd and Jimmy, as well.

“I love Missy Elliott,” Fallon said.

“Her mind,” Pharrell said. “The way her mind works and the things that she says and thinks about and her video concepts. I didn’t know that all of those video concepts were hers. I’m so proud of her, That’s Virginia.” out the full clip below: