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13 October 2016

New Music, Tough Search written by MusicPromoToday


Keeping up with or staying ahead of music’s latest trends has never been easy. MusicPromoToday come across new artists daily, ranging from different genres, various ages and diverse backgrounds.  With the emergence of streaming services such as SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music, listeners are flooded with new music daily. So how do listeners keep up with the newest artists and hit songs? If we were to compare album drops and Billboard artists from the 80s and 90s to today, the numbers have roughly doubled. This proves even the most radical listeners would have a hard time finding that hidden gem of a hit song covered by the smoke screen of dust.


Here today, gone tomorrow, is the motto for a lot of the new artists that hit the internet. If artists don’t keep up with making music and promoting themselves, they could be great today, and then gone in an instant. To help find these artists; streaming services have playlists catered to your preferences such as Spotify, which offer a large music library with personalized settings. Apple Music, known as the head honcho of the digital music marketplace, constantly keeps listeners updated with the newest hit songs and releases. SoundCloud, the central hub where new talent and indie artists  try to go viral, doesn’t fail to keep you updated on the newest and latest in the music world.


But going back to the previous quote, If music listeners are not exposing themselves to new music daily, they come back the next day stumbling across a new artist, but losing sight of the one they had interest in yesterday.



MusicPromoToday believes that “If there’s a will, there’s a way” and that is where we notice the rise of music blogs and magazines such as, The FADER, Complex, Noisey, Pigeons and PlanesPitchfork and many more. Most, if not all, have a music journalist whose sole purpose is to search for buzzing new artists, bring them into the spotlight and giving the fanatic listener different music to stumble across.


These might not be the best possible solutions to overcome the abundance of music, but with the perfect solution still out there, word of mouth still has not failed us. You call them friends for a reason!