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13 May 2015

Murs “Have A Nice Life” Updated Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklist

Murs’ “Have A Nice Life” album has a new release date.


MURS uncovered the details surrounding his new album yesterday (April 14). The project, Have A Nice Life, is prepped to hit stores May 19 and include an array of personal accounts.


The album’s debut single came in form of the “Okey Dog” narrative record. An ode to his homie on the inside, the song tells the story of his real-life Deebo.


According to MURS, Okey Dog differed from the Friday character in that he was shorter and would only bully people when he was bored — but he stood as a standalone thug all the same. “There’s a lot of dudes that rap, talking a lot of shit, but he is that dude,” MURS says.


The Making Underground Raw Shit rapper also released the visual for “No More Control,” Have A Nice Life‘s second single, yesterday. In it, he urges those behind the #BlackLivesMatter campaign to seek change in the Hip Hop and Black communities, as well.


“‘No More Control’ is about not letting the media or the powers that be control us or guide us into thinking that the problem is anything other than violence,” he says in a press release.


Other conceptual Have A Nice Life records include, “Mi Corazon,” a love song for a half Mexican-half Salvadorian girl, and “The Worst,” an intimate account detailing the temptations that throw a married emcee on the road.


The Have A Nice Life project will be his first solo effort to be released through Strange Music.



Check out the cover art and tracklist for Have A Nice Life below:

Murs "Have A Nice Life"


  1. Have a Nice Life
  2. Surprises f. Ryan “Myagi” Evans
  3. Mi Corazon
  4.  Woke up Dead
  5. P S T D f. E-40
  6. Okey Dog
  7. Pussy and Pizza
  8. Two Step f. King Fantastic
  9. No More Control f. MNDR
  10. Skatin through the City
  11. Anyways
  12. The Worst
  13. Black Girls Be Like
  14. I Miss Mikey