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27 April 2015


Khalid Ali, a former ballboy for the Lakers during the 1984-85 season, recently put an extremely rare pair of game-worn Nikes up for auction and he should be more than pleased with his return.


The autographed kicks, a beat-up white/red pair of the Nike Air Ship, were given to Ali by MJ himself, and after hanging on to them for 30 years… they sold at auction for $71,000. To be exact, $71,533.
Considering some game-worn Air Jordans have sold for $30,000+ (including the infamous ‘Flu game’ sneakers which sold for $104,765) we shouldn’t be surprised that someone shelled out that type of money for one of the earliest game-worn MJ sneakers.
That doesn’t mean the $71,533 price isn’t patently absurd- because it is- we’re just numb to these kinds of bids at this point. All that said, congrats to Khalid Ali, homeboy just cashed TF out.


“People obsess over game-worn Jordans and there’s definite value to the fact that these are the earliest ones that have surfaced,” said SCP Auctions vice president Dan Imler said.


“They were in my mom’s closet,” Ali said. “I didn’t really talk about them much. People who met me after my teenage years don’t even know I have them.”