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13 April 2015

Madonna Makes Out With Drake On Stage At Coachella

Madonna surprised Drake at Coachella and gave him a kiss he’ll never forget.
Last night, Drake took the stage at midnight (3:00am E.T.) to close out Coachella for what promised to be one of the most exciting performances thus far. Drizzy die-hards got to hear it all, from “Trophies”, to “We Made It”, to his newest cuts off If You’re Reading This Its Too Late, including “Madonna”, after which came the surprise of the night.After Drake belted out his ode to the Queen of Pop, the woman herself, now a healthy 56 years old, graced the stage, and performed some of her own material, including the 1994 classic “Human Nature”. Before she made her exit, she walked behind a seated Drizzy, and surprised the 6 God with the biggest, wettest kiss of his life. His reaction is priceless.You think Drake enjoyed the smooch? Watch the clip below, and you decide. He certainly looks taken aback.Immediately after giving Drake all he could handle, Madonna lets the crowd know, “Bitch I’m Madonna”; meanwhile, Drake is still in a state of shock: “What the fuck just happened?”