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16 April 2015

Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus Driver Suing Rapper For Assault & Emotional Distress

Lil Wayne is accused of threatening his former tour bus driver with a loaded weapon.


While his own lawsuit against Cash Money Records remains in the balance, Lil Wayne is reportedly facing the other end of a legal battle against a bus driver who claims he was threatened at gunpoint by the rapper.


According to the New York Daily News, a tour bus driver claims that Lil Wayne pulled a gun on him last August during a refueling stop after a concert in Buffalo. The bus driver’s lawsuit, which was filed in a Manhattan Supreme Court, claims Wayne was angered by the driver stopping at a gas station and demanded to be driven directly to a hotel after the show.


“I want to get to the hotel now,” Wayne reportedly said along with threats of physical violence. The driver’s suit also claims that Wayne “did not stop yelling, cursing and threatening” him all the way back to the hotel. After trying to fight the bus driver Wayne is accused of “[cocking] the gun and at close range to (the driver) pointed it directly at him.”


Jones claims he drove the rest of the way back to the hotel with the gun to his head and quit his job as tour bus driver immediately upon arriving at the destination. The driver’s lawsuit claims he was “emotionally traumatized” and “feared for his life” throughout the tirade. Jones is seeking unspecified damages for false imprisonment, assault, and emotional distress.