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14 March 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Confirms Kanye West Appearance At SXSW

Kanye West is set to invade SXSW, according to Jimmy Kimmel.

Following a brief beef between Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel, the two have proved successful collaborators, with Ye returning to Kimmel’s show through out last year. Their relationship continues to thrive, as Kimmel has announced that Ye will be a part of his SXSW show.

Kimmel will be filming a SXSW version of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in Austin, Texas on March 20th, and announced some of the line-up last night. Kanye hasn’t been confirmed to be a part of any other showcases, although rumors are swirling.

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Watch Kimmel’s announcement about Kanye below.

Bonus: watch Barack Obama discuss whether or not he really calls Kanye on “the home phone” below (something which Kanye mentioned during his lecture at Oxford’s Museum of Natural History.)