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16 November 2015

iLoveMakonnen Updated “iLoveMakonnen 2” Release Date

UPDATE: The OVO artist announced the project at Billboard Hot 100 Fest.


iLoveMakonnen’s debut album is now slated to be released November 20, according to


iLoveMakonnen 2 will be the follow-up to his ILoveMakonnen EP, which was released last year.


(The original post in this thread ran August 24, 2015. It is as follows.)


Yesterday (August 23), ILoveMakonnen announced an October release date for his debut album at Billboard Hot 100 Fest, the magazine reports.


The OVO artist performed new songs at the event as well as “Tuesday.”


In February, he said that Diplo, Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Rihanna were to be featured on the album.


The project does not have a title yet. Earlier this month, he posted on Twitter about “ILoveMakonnen 2,” which would be the sequel to his 2014 ILoveMakonnen EP. Another post referenced October of this year.


ILoveMakonnen released Drink More Water 5 in March.