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13 April 2015

Future & Mike WiLL Made-It Plan To Go “Ape Shit” On New Mixtape

Mike WiLL has unveiled the cover art for “Ape Shit,” his collaborative mixtape with Future.

Mike WiLL Made-It and Future have crafted such hits as “Shit,” “Never Satisfied” and the street anthem “Move That Dope” together.


In a recent interview with XXL, the chart-topping producer explained that the duo has more new music on the way. In fact, they’ve put together an entire project, Ape Shit.


“It’s like a tape, really,” he said.  ”Just something to just feed the streets right quick, ’cause at the end of the day, me and Future do so many different types of music.”


Mike WiLL was an integral part of Future’s initial success. Future’s debut album, Pluto, featured a slew of songs produced by Mike WiLL, including the melodic tune “Turn On The Lights.”


Ape Shit apparently has been in the works for a while. The mixtape spawned from multiple sessions the two have had during the last few years.


“I executive produced Miley’s album, then we did [Future’s] album and he just did the Ape Shit,” Mike WiLL says. “But me and him got so many songs, so I was like, people love when me and him come together anyway. So people would love a full project of that, you know.”


A release date for Ape Shit has yet to be announced.