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22 April 2015

Flesh-N-Bone: “I’m A Living Example Of Eazy-E’s Success”

“I’m spawn from that effort, his effort,” Flesh-N-Bone says. “I hope that they capture the affect of it.”

Flesh-N-Bone, member of the iconic Cleveland, Ohio-based group Bone thugs-n-harmony, recently chopped it up with VladTV about a variety of topics including, among others, the upcoming N.W.A biopic and his relationship with Eazy-E.
During the conversation, Flesh-N-Bone did reveal that he was curious to see whether or not the makers of the picture decided to include Eazy-E’s journey with Bone thugs as it was a “pivotal and prime time situation for Eazy-E at that time.”
“I wouldn’t be able to speak too much on the movie that’s coming out on N.W.A but I’m imagining that it’s a great, great project — a great movie — and I’m really, really curious and anxious to see how they depicted the whole set-up, the whole overall aspect of Eazy-E and his life and everything,” Flesh-N-Bone says. “His trials and tribulations, his demise and stuff of that nature and even all of his success because I’m a living example of Eazy-E’s success. I am. I’m spawn from that effort, his effort. It’s interesting to see if they even talk about it, I don’t know. That was a pivotal and prime time situation for Eazy-E at that time, as a businessman. I hope that they capture the affect of it.”
Later in the conversation, without revealing a concrete release date, Flesh-N-Bone confirmed thatThug Pound, a collaborative project between Tha Dogg Pound and Bone thugs-n-harmony, is coming sometime soon.
Thug Pound definitely is coming to y’all straight just like all these other hits that we got coming to y’all straight,” he says. “Check it out: Thug Pound, Daz [Dillinger], Kurupt, Snoop [Dogg], all them over there. Bone thugs-n-harmony: Layzie [Bone], Krayzie [Bone], Bizzy [Bone], Wish [Bone], myself. We got that project on a slate right now and many others to come. I’m definitely getting ready to be cooking also for my next solo project so it’s a lot going on.”
Flesh-N-Bone’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below: