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17 March 2015

Earl Sweatshirt Reveals New Album Title, Tracklist & Release Date

Earl Sweatshirt’s new album, “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside,” is out March 23rd.

There are two ways to announce a rap album these days. Drop it completely unannounced, or give a week’s notice. Earl Sweatshirt seems to have chosen the latter path, though his complaints about his label’s dishing of the album details suggest otherwise.

While it may simply be the rapper’s zany way of poking fun of Top Dawg’s problems with the Kendrick rollout (he actually rephrases one of his tweets in his rant), Earl sent out a string of tweets calling his label out for their “errors”.
Whether he’s doing hilarious performance art, or his label did actually put up his iTunes pre-order early, the details of Earl’s album are out in the open, and it’s coming next week.

The album is called I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside, and it features guest appearances from Da$h, Na-Kel, Vince Staples, and RATKING’s Wiki.

Look out for the album March 23rd. It can be pre-ordered here. Earl dropped his new single, “Grief,” earlier today.

1. “Huey”
2. “Mantra”
3. “Faucet”
4. “Grief”
5. “Off Top”
6. “Grown Ups” feat. Da$H
7. “AM // Radio” feat. Wiki
8. “Inside”
9. “DNA” feat. Na-kel
10. “Wool” feat. Vince Staples