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17 April 2015

Drake’s Coachella Weekend Detailed In Profile Story

Writer Ernest Baker pens “Drake In Real Life” profile following time spent with Drake during Coachella.


As part of a profile titled “Drake In Real Life,” writer Ernest Baker penned a first-person perspective onDrake’s recent performance at Coachella and the events leading up to his headlining gig.


With insider access, Baker detailed the moments leading up to Drake’s performance, including a house party at Drake’s Hidden Hills home and a midnight dinner hosted by the Canadian singer/rapper. He later shared his thoughts on the musician’s actual performance at Coachella.


In regards to Drake’s Coachella performance, Baker states that there’s the possibility that his set didn’t go “over as well as the past several times” he’s seen the Young Money lyricist, but adds that the people were still amped for Drizzy’s performance.


“Drake strolls to the stage like a boxer walking to the ring,” Baker writes. “Chants and cheers come from all directions. At side stage, another small huddle forms and he raps a few lines from ‘Energy’ before the opening notes of ‘Legend’ ring off and he walks out to resounding applause. Now, side stage is closed and most of us are escorted over to some type of extra special VIP. To put it into context, I’m watching the show next to Future, The Weeknd,Big Sean, David Guetta, and Tyler, the Creator.


“There’s a lurking suspicion that this isn’t going over as well as the past several times I’ve seen Drake perform, but it’s not going poorly by any stretch of the imagination,” he adds. “People are amped, it’s just not necessarily the historical moment that everyone wanted it to be. But I still like Drake’s music. And I’m hearing it live. And it’s fun. I’m not plugged into what my timeline is saying. I’m running up and down the aisles rapping ‘10 Bands.’”


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