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25 May 2015

Drake Swaps “Madonna” Lyrics For “Rihanna” During Houston Show

Drake changes the lyrics of “Madonna” to reference Rihanna instead, at the first show on the “Jungle” tour.


Drake had a pretty big weekend, with his second annual Houston Appreciation event going down (on top of which, a few songs sprung a leak onto the web). We’ve already seen a few photos from HAW, and now we’ve got footage from Drake’s inaugural “Jungle” tour show in H-town, which alludes to some Madge/Drizzy beef.Drake’s extremely uncomfortable and possibly-forced kiss with Madonna is forever itched in our minds, although Madonna attempted to play it off as though Drake was the one who begged for her to suck the life out of him. Drizzy, never the one to reply to a situation directly, decided to change the lyrics in his ode to the aging superstar “Madonna” during his Houston show. And the lady he replaced “Madonna” with? Our other singular-named mega pop star, Rihanna.
A concert go-er nabbed footage of Drake’s lyrical switch-up, which you can peep below.