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23 May 2015

Daz Dillinger Revisits Kurupt Rivalry

Tha Dogg Pound producer says Kurupt is like family.


Daz Dillinger took some time to talk with VladTV about his relationship with Kurupt. The producer says that he was the one who squashed their beef.


“I reached out to him,” the rapper-producer says. “He wanted to reach out to me, but I reached out to him.


“Let’s get this thing back together,” Dillinger continues on reuniting Tha Dogg Pound. “We ain’t never hurt each other. We could have, could’ve been a lot of that, but we never did that.”


Daz says that Snoop Dogg assisted in welcoming Kurupt back to their fold.


“That’s our brother Kurupt,” he says. “It’s Tha Dogg Pound. We run this motherfucker. We got too many songs to be not doing nothin’.”