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24 March 2015

Dame Dash & Kanye West May Purchase Karmaloop

Dash says he and West are also looking to “snatch up” Complex.

Dame Dash and Kanye West are moving on to their next joint endeavor.
After collaborating as executive producers on the film Loaisaidas, Dash and West are now interested in purchasing online retailer Karmaloop.
During a recent episode of Hip Hop Motivations with Kenyatta Khari, Dash says, “Me and Kanye are gonna buy Karmaloop, so you’ll probably feel that by the time this is out.”
The streetwear e-commerce site filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week and, according to its founder, Greg Selkoe, there are “many high-profile” investors interested.
Selkoe recently confirmed to the Boston Business Journal that West and Dash are indeed targeting the site.
“We’ve spoken to a bunch of different people,”Selkoe said. “We’ve heard from them [Kanye, Dame] and others ,too. There’s a lot of interest in Karmaloop and we consider that a good thing.”
It also appears Dash is also upset with Marc Ecko and Complex.
Shortly after he mentions placing a bid for Karmaloop with Kanye, Dash goes on to say – in the HipHopMotivation interview – that he and West are going to go after Complex.”
I’m gonna put Complex out of business for fucking with me,” he says. “I don’t like them. It’s a war between me and them. We’re going to do that. Me and Kanye are going to snatch that up real quick.”Check out the full interview below: