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16 March 2015

Common & Oprah Winfrey Slated For Roles In “Empire’s” Second Season

Co-creator Lee Daniels tells Access Hollywood that he’s writing roles in “Empire” for both Common and Oprah Winfrey.

Months into a record-breaking ratings run, Fox’s Empire has reportedly tapped Oprah Winfrey and Common for potential roles in an upcoming second season.

The first season of Empire concludes this week with a two-hour season finale. At a screening for the season’s twelfth and final episode co-creator and showrunner Lee Daniels announced the plans for Oprah and Common to make appearances.

“Yes. Yeah, she’s gonna be on it,” Daniels told Access Hollywood of Oprah’s planned appearance.

When asked about the possibility of writing a part for Common, Daniels added, “For absolutely sure. We’re gonna have a good time.”

Last week’s episode of Empire clocked nearly 15 million viewers, according to Variety. The number represents more than two months of consecutive growth for the show and an increase of 600,000 viewers from the previous week.