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11 April 2015

J. Cole Promises A Private Performance For His Top Listeners On TIDAL

Next week’s top J. Cole streamers will be awarded with a super-exclusive performance.


Jay Z’s TIDAL continues to unveil new perks. This week, the streaming service promises an exclusive offer to fans of J. Cole, who’s signed to Roc Nation and was one of a select group of artists on stage during TIDAL’s opening ceremony.Last night, on his Facebook, Cole promised an imminent return to NYC for a “private performance,” only available to his most dedicated listeners on TIDAL. For the week of April 11 – 20, the NYC TIDAL users who listen to the most J. Cole will be awarded with an intimate performance from the man himself.
Just how intimate? We don’t know, but Cole promised it will be “Better than front row” and “Closer than backstage.” Better get listening (and sign up for TIDAL), Cole fans.