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25 May 2015

Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Allegedly Demanding A Lot More Child Support

Chris Brown and baby mama Nia Guzman may enter into legal back-and-forth regarding their baby’s child support.


When Chris Brown isn’t entangling himself in social media beef, he’s likely facing some sort of legal drama. Today TMZ alleges that Breezy’s recently-discovered baby mama is demanding more child support for their daughter together, Royalty.Sources say that Nia Guzman, the mother, has been receiving $2,500 a month from Chris Brown as child support. However the child support payments reportedly stopped in March, when Nia hiked the payments up to $15,000/month, which Brown thought ridiculous.


Both sides are claiming different stories, with the singer saying that Nia is treating their baby as “a winning lottery ticket” and the mother saying that Chris is being “incredibly cheap.”


The report says that Nia Guzman’s lawyer, Carl Moore, will file legal documents in the coming weeks that not only demand back child support, but a significant increase in the monthly payments.