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13 April 2015

Charles Hamilton Offers Entire Discography For Free

Charles Hamilton provides free downloads to all of his songs, says it’s “from the heart.”

Fans hoping to catch up on the past works of Charles Hamilton were met with a welcomed surprise over the weekend when the Harlem, New York rapper chose to release his entire discography for free online.


In a tweet sent over the weekend, the musician shared a PasteBin link, which featured downloads to all of his music, and added that it was “all from the heart.”


Hamilton’s random act of kindness comes shortly after the rapper marked his return to music with help from the Rita Ora-assisted, “NY Raining.”


Since returning to the music scene, Hamilton has gone on to discuss his hiatus, his struggle with mental illness, and more in a variety of interviews.


“It’s kind of difficult to talk about,” Hamilton said while speaking with HipHopDX recently. “I wasn’t aware the entire time that I had a mental disorder. But, you know, everybody wants to be taken serious, especially if they rap. I guess, you know, if you can have a heart—I guess I’m asking Hip Hop to have a heart. Don’t be so quick to judge just because I have a mental disorder.”