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22 April 2015

Da Brat Discusses Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea’s Longevity In Hip Hop

“I definitely feel like Nicki gon’ have longevity [but] I’m not sure about Iggy,” Da Brat says.

Da Brat recently caught up with VladTV on the red carpet at 93.5 KDay’s Krush Groove Concert in Inglewood, California to weigh in on the topic of longevity among female rappers.
During the conversation, the Chicago native first outlined what she believes it takes to achieve legendary status within the Rap game, before going on to reveal her thoughts on Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea.
“It takes hard work to be legendary,” Da Brat says. “You gotta be in the game for years and you gotta have that longevity [and] that staying power. I’m blessed to still be here [and to have] people still sing my songs and know who I am. To me, that’s longevity. MC Lyte, longevity. Queen Latifah, longevity. Missy Elliott, longevity. [We all have] that drive. And, we all got love for each other and we support each other.
“I definitely feel like Nicki [Minaj] gon’ have longevity [but] I’m not sure about Iggy [Azalea],” Da Brat adds. “Right now she dope. I haven’t really heard [Iggy] ‘spit spit’ and ‘spit spitting’ is coming back.”
Although she hasn’t released a studio album for over a decade — her last being 2003’s Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz — Da Brat says she’s gearing up to release some new material sometime soon.
“I’m in the studio every other night,” she says. “I live there. I sleep there. Me and [Jermaine Dupri] been working on stuff. I been working on stuff with a whole bunch of different people. I did some stuff with Missy [Elliott] a couple of weeks ago. Trina. Shawnna. Vita. We doing our thing out here so you gon’ hear it soon.”
Da Brat’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below: