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24 March 2015

Big Sean Says Lil Wayne Told Him He’d Be “One Of The Greats”

Big Sean praises Lil Wayne, says “You can’t talk about rap music and not mention Lil Wayne.”

While addressing Lil Wayne’s verse on the Dark Sky Paradise record “Deep,” Big Sean expressed his appreciation for the rapper “putting his ego aside” and bigging him up on the record.

On the song, Weezy raps: “I feel like Sean, don’t get enough shine / Is it because he ain’t got the tattoos? He ain’t throwing up signs / Well, let me throw up mine / And also let me show this vision of mine.”

During his interview with AOL Build, the Detroit, Michigan lyricist says he had the opportunity to speak with Wayne about his “Deep” verse. He revealed that Wayne was genuine with his verse and added that the rapper told him he “was gonna be one of the greats.”

“I’m not signed to Lil Wayne,” Big Sean said. “So, for another artist like that to big up another rapper, I really appreciated him putting his ego aside. And when I talked to him he was just like ‘Yo, I really meant that. I’m just really impressed by you. Just how you are as a person. Your rap, your ability. And he was like ‘I called that a long time ago. I think you was gonna be one of the greats.’ So, that was just cool to hear that from him. Because I don’t make any money with Lil Wayne. Aside from the features we’re on.”

Big Sean later offered his own praise to Lil Wayne, stating that the Young Money wordsmith “changed the game” and deserves to be mentioned in any conversation about rap music.

“Obviously, you gotta respect Wayne for what he’s done. You can’t talk about rap music and not mention Lil Wayne. He changed the game,” he said.

Big Sean’s AOL Build interview can be found below.