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28 March 2015 Live Tweeting From “Rookies Vs. Vets” is in the building at Saturday’s event in New York. is live tweeting from URL’s “Rookies Vs. Vets” event in New York City today (March 28).>
Today the battle rap world finds out if URL’s latest crop of up-and-comers is ready for the main stage. The buzzhas been steadily growing for weeks, and the Gramercy Theatre in New York is officially sold out.The card pits seven of most promising up-and-comers against seasoned veterans:

  • T-Top vs. Charlie Clips
  • Brizz Rawsteen vs. Aye Verb
  • Chess vs. DNA
  • Prep vs. John John Da Don
  • Th3 Saga vs. Shotgun Suge
  • Mr. Wavy vs. K-Shine
  • Sno vs. Real Deal editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell will be in the building doing live updates once things get underway. We’ll be collecting his tweets and Instagram posts here, along with the best from anyone else at the event. The doors are scheduled to open at 1:00 p.m.While you’re waiting, check out Battle Rap’s preview/predictions, dig into the statistics behind the card, or read all of our coverage about the event.Rookies-vs-Vets-flyer-bricks