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21 May 2015

B.o.B Explains Why Atlanta Touts Some Of Rap’s Most Notable Names

B.o.B says there’s a lot of “knowledge” and “wisdom” in his hometown.


Atlanta has been a hotbed for rap talent for more than a decade. While the classic groups like OutKast and Goodie Mob helped put the Hip Hop scene on the map in Georgia, newer acts have changed around the culture a little in not only the state, but the South in general.


B.o.B is one of the various notable names from the city and while speaking with HipHopDX during Los Angeles Power 106’s PowerHouse concert, he explained why his city may have an advantage.



“It may be something historical, it may be something biblical, it may just be the women, who knows?” he said when asked about the city as a part of DX Daily. “But for some reason man Atlanta is a high trafficked area.”


He also went on to complement his native city and and describe what Atlanta has to offer.


“A lot of energy comes through Atlanta, a lot of knowledge, a lot of wisdom, a lot of plights, a lot of souls, a lot of kids coming to college,” he said. “It’s crazy, bro.”


B.o.B released his latest mixtape, New Black in November of last year. The rapper known as Bobby Ray is originally from Decatur.