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18 March 2015

J. Cole Breaks Down “Love Yourz” On “Tavis Smiley”

“You’re so focused on the next step, the next success, the next jet, whatever it is and you forget these things that seem small,” Cole says of “Love Yourz.”

Tonight (March 17) J. Cole’s interview with talk show host Tavis Smiley will air on PBS.

Before the full episode is shown, PBS is previewing a clip from Cole’s sit-down with Smiley. Within the visual, Smiley asks Cole about “Love Yourz,” a track off of his most recent album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive.

“That sums up the entire album and just what I’ve learned in my career,” Cole says. “Thats what this entire album is about. When I was young, I thought that success was all I needed, that’s what was going to bring the happiness. Buying my mom a house, the fame, the accolades having people say, ‘Yo, you are the best in the game.’ I thought those would be the things that would bring happiness and when those things came, the happiness wasn’t there. I realized why that was.

“There was such an attempt to achieve these things and to keep going that you lose sight of the people and the blessings that you have around you,” he continues. “You’re so focused on the next step, the next success, the next jet, whatever it is and you forget these things that seem small if you’re looking that way, but if you’re looking this way you realize they’re the only things that matter – that’s your mother, that’s family, that’s love and that’s what that song is about.”

The song Smiley and Cole are referring to is the twelfth song on the album, the second-to-last track. Within the song, Cole raps:

For what’s money without happiness?

Or hard times without the people you love

Though I’m not sure what’s ’bout to happen next

I asked for strength from the Lord up above


Watch the clip below: